twitter website card

Setup A Website Card On Twitter And Get More Traffic

If you’re using Twitter to drive tangible business goals like sales, leads or website traffic and aren’t using a Website Card, you should be. Easy to setup, it’s a great way for you to surface website content within a Tweet and drive traffic to any page of your website. A Website card, like the one shown below, allows users to preview an image, related context and a clear call to action in their timeline before tapping further.


Twitter advertising and targeting options can be leveraged to put your Website Card in front of the right audience at precisely the right time, driving more qualified traffic to you.

So… how do you set one up? It’s easy:

  1. Log into your Twitter Advertising account.
  2. Select “Create new campaign”, followed by “Website clicks or conversions”.
  3. Set up the campaign targeting and budget.
  4. Underneath the “Creative” section, complete A to D – click preview to view the final Website Card and make any adjustments accordingly.Website_card_Creative_graphic
  5. While optional, I highly recommend that you track and measure website conversions from Twitter by adding a website tag on your web landing page.

That’s it.

If you give the above a try, or are already using Website Cards, I would love to hear what sort of results you’ve seen as well as any comparison in your results before and after using Website Cards. Please share in the comments below.