Born and brought up in Kenya, I left my homeland in 2006 and flung myself across the world to Sydney, Australia. Reasonably out of my comfort zone, in the past decade I have learned to be more independent, insightful, ambitious and passionate about what I do.

I’ve completed a Bachelors and Masters degree specialising in Marketing & Strategy, and am a self-taught WordPress expert, having built over 50 websites in the past five years. I enjoy working in the digital marketing space, and consult with clients on their content marketing and social media strategy, with the goal of streamlining their online efforts at building a business. I have planned and implemented social media and content marketing campaigns for a variety of clients in different industries.

I take pride in my work, and aim to achieve the highest quality in an effective manner that is sustainable – I’m not a fan of burning the midnight oil at all times, and believe a planned approach is better than a reactive one. Part of this website will share what I have discovered, and continue to discover; in my search to be effective and happier at work and life, by following and learning from the best.

I’d love to have a chat with you, so let’s start with hello.